What Does the Thin Blue Line Mean to You?

Honoring Ohio Law Enforcement and Families for Police Week

There’s a Thin Blue Line between order and anarchy, chaos and peace – and it lives within the hearts of our Ohio Peace Officers. 
During this Police Week, we’re celebrating the service of Ohio Police Officers and their families by making their voices heard. 
We spent some time with Westerville Police officers and their families as they shared what the Thin Blue Line really means to them. 

Greg Levalley.PNG

Officer Greg LeValley
Westerville Division of Police

“To me, the Thin Blue Line stands for the brother and sisterhood we all become a part of when we raise our hand and swear an oath to serve our communities. It signifies an unparalleled camaraderie that rivals most military organizations – as a U.S. Marine, I would know. Together, we stand on that line between good and evil, protecting those who can’t protect themselves.”    

Beth Ruth
Wife of Dan Ruth,
Westerville Division of Police

“It should be emphasized that the Thin Blue Line is also a connector signifying a family line. The brotherhood that unifies our officers extends to officers' families along the Thin Blue Line. We have a common sense of pride in our officers' passion for justice and commitment to the call to serve. We intimately know and understand each other’s concerns and can appreciate and empathize with each other’s sacrifices. There are intense emotions at play, and the Thin Blue Line unites law enforcement families so that we may share everyday struggles and victories.”

Beth Ruth (with husband, Officer Dan Ruth).jpg

Rachel Ruth.JPG

Rachel Ruth
Daughter of Dan Ruth,
Westerville Division of Police

“For me, the thin blue line symbolizes people like my dad who stand the line between good and evil. They help protect the good, while helping right the wrongs of the evil. They will give their lives for the people they serve, protect, and love. That is what the thin blue line means to me.”

This week, we stand with the few – our brave ones in blue. May your Thin Blue Line banner<link to landing page with specials>forever fly. 

What does the Thin Blue Line Mean to You? Make your voice heard below! 

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