No flagpole? No problem! 5 Flying Alternatives for Your New Flag

1.    Frame it. Our Buckeye flags fit nicely in a standard full size flag frame. Perfect for a dramatic entry wall or above a couch during OSU games!

2.    Mount it. Get it with banner clips or grommets and hang it flat on any interior wall you like! Try it with coordinating cords and mounting brackets for a finished look.

3.    Fold it. Keep your scarlet and grey vibrant in a folded flag case. Pull it out when you’re feeling nostalgic – or ready to fly it proudly.

4.    Drape it. Tables. Chairs. Bedframes. Perfect places to let your flag weather naturally over time for a rustic farmhouse look. 

5.    Save it. Keep your flag furled until you find your dream home in our vinyl carrying case. Keep it in a cool, dry place – and call us when you’re ready to install your new flag pole!

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No Flag Pole?

No Problem.