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Flag Lady Patriotic Facts: You’re a Grand Old Flag

You're a Grand Old Flag Song Book

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Transcript: (Background Music: You’re a Grand Old Flag originally composed by George M. Cohen – Licensed through 610 WTVN Columbus, Ohio)

A Patriotic Fact from the Flag Lady’s Flag Store:
“Some can describe what our flag means in a sentence and others have written paragraphs and books about it. Our military has courageously defended our nation and some lost their lives for what it stands for: Freedom and Justice for All!

It’s in our midst every day, It’s like old faithful, It’s there for us when we’re up, down, in or out. That’s the kind of American we should be, no matter what!

Be there for our country, let’s keep the flame burning for the United States of America. God Bless America!”

End Transcript

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