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Top 5 Beat Michigan Moments

The game is this weekend. The game that football fans across the country look forward to every year. It’s The Ohio State University vs. “That team up north.” In order to help get Buckeye Nation ready we compiled our 5 favorite beat michigan moments (lowercase m intended).

5. Jim Tressel’s 2001 promise – fulfilled

When Tressel came onto the scene very few people knew how successful the Buckeyes would be during his tenure. In 2001 he made his first announcement and seemingly promised to beat michigan in the next season. He did so – with then 3rd string QB Craig Krenzel at the healm.

4. #1 vs. #2 – 2006
This was a cool one for us as we were also a part of the HBO documentary on the game. Watch and enjoy!

3. “Because I couldn’t go for three.” 1968 Woody Hayes


This is an iconic quote featured on this page about Woody Hayes. The Buckeyes routed that school up north 50-14. When asked why he went for two after being up 42-14 Hayes replied, “Because I couldn’t go for three.”

This rousing defeat also gave rise to the hiring of Bo Schembechler and what became known as the “Ten Year War.”

2. Ohio State tears down the M Club Banner – 1973

This is an iconic moment for a lot of reasons. This also marked the last time that michigan allowed the opposing team to run under its banner…and for good reason.

1. 2002 – Ohio State defeats the Wolverines to head to a National Championship

That wraps up our list – let us know what your favorite moments are. Be sure to check out our Facebok Page or comment below to join the conversation.

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